Our offers

Antminers S15 28TH/s

200 Units availables until March 15, 2019

One unit : 1050€

Antminers S9 14TH/s

800 Units disponibles jusqu’à Février 2019
3 units : 1560€ or 10 units : 4990€
Sold Out : 2sd lot sales opening on March, 1st, 2019


Your machines are sent to Kazakhstan, in association with the company Hashlabs.

Starting April 2019. kWh : 0.026€

The ordered S9 will be equipped with a firmware increasing the computing power of each miner to 16 th/s instead of the standard +/- 14 Th/s, without consuming more electricity.

Beyond the purchase of your S9, Bigblock offers you a long-term relationship: you are a priority to reuse the locations of your machines when they reach their end of life.