Once I paid my S9, are there any other charges?

No additional costs to be expected during the warranty period. 

Am I the owner of the equipment ?

Yes, you own the entire material.

Do you take care of absolutely everything or do I have access to an administration "panel" or other tool to follow the status / hashrate / ...?

We take care of everything but you have access to the production data of your machines live.

Are S9 new or used?

These are recent machines, revised and guaranteed.

What average lifespan can we expect from an S9?

From 18 to 30 months.

<br /> For how long is the electricity tariff guaranteed?

The tariff can not be guaranteed in the long term, it is at the discretion of the producing company; however, the local market tells us that this price will fall when our demand exceeds 15 MW, as it dropped when we committed only 5 MW.

<br /> What happens if I want to renew my equipment?

Beyond the full ownership of your machines, you benefit with your purchase of the usufruct of your sites as long as you renew the equipment. You give yourself your place in the mine, in other words. The renewal equipment will be offered at our public prices, with a “historical customer” advantage.

<br /> Why only offer S9?

At this price of electricity, the S9 remains the best quality / price / production ratio. We have total control of this equipment, know its robustness and ideal operating conditions and have a stock of spare parts. In addition, we have developed a specific S9 frimware.

I already have S9 machines, can I have them hosted in your data center?

Yes, the conditions are different and include a fee for participation in the first installation. Consult us.

<br /> I would like you to host my rigs, is it possible?

No, not in this Bitcoin dedicated facility.

<br /> What if my machine conk out after the warranty expires?

Parts to be replaced will be billed with your agreement. The equipment will be returned to service one week maximum after your agreement. Note that S9 parts are particularly cheap.

<br /> Why only mine Bitcoin?

It’s a safe choice; bitcoin mining is a price-dependent activity and difficulty, undermining altcoins adds risk to the extent that their durability is not established.

<br /> Why pre-sell materials that will only be operational in April?

After a noted fall in hashrate, lots of very recent equipment are currently available at low prices. Nothing says that the situation will be the same in a few weeks, the lots are becoming scarce, so we propose to our customers to position themselves now. We offer 3 lots, 1 of 800 units (until 31/01), one of 1000 units (until 28/02), a last of 1000 units (until March 20th).

Will you stay profitable if the price drops again?

We have operating costs lower than 80% of global mining; a significant drop in prices would lead to a sharp drop in Hashrate, which will allow us to mine more chips.

<br /> The upcoming halving does not scare you?

On the contrary ; our competitive advantage will only be more decisive at that moment.