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Host your machines in our Kazakh farm


Order your Bitmain miners to our facility


The machines purchased from BigBlock are housed at one of our partners. We take care of the installation, maintenance, maintenance. Depending on the site, depending on the availability of the moment, the conditions are different.

Green and inexpensive electricity

We prefer hydropower. Our Kazakh partners work 100% with this green electricity, buying surpluses from domestic producers. We are currently developing partnerships with hydro producers in other Central Asian countries, but also in Africa in partnership with a power plant designer.


BigBlock engages in a relationship of trust with its customers. We are at your service via Telegram, Mail, Contact form to always provide answers to your questions.


On site your machines will be maintained by the team of technicians of our partners. We also have spare parts if needed

French Poule

 Our collaboration doesn’t stop there. At the end, we will creat the “French Poule” : The first significant French mining pool (SHA256). This pool will be the fruit of the collaboration between Bigblock and its customers.



Bitcoin mining isn’t reserved to professionals


With the arrival of mining ASICS, Bitcoin mining was quickly considered to be reserved for professionals: It requires a lot of energy resources, expensive equipment, maintenance etc. The only way out for individuals who wanted to join the Bitcoin mining adventure was cloud mining: mining farms that rent computing power to individuals. This practice has become democratized at the same rate as the mine itself. In this case the individual was only a “passive” actor of the mine. Proof: Cloud mining is losing momentum as the Halvings and the Nunce’s difficulty progress.
Bigblock has a totally different view of mining: It’s our customers the real players: It’s their machines that are undermining.
We offer everyone the opportunity to own their ASICS, we facilitate the acquisition, logistics, the equipment is sent directly to a partner farm, giving them access to green electricity (dam) at very low cost. This is what makes our offer unique, with electricity cheaper than 80% of the world’s mining.
Our business model is not based on Hashpower’s lease: Our primary interest is to offer everyone the opportunity to mine in an adequate and optimal environment so that mining becomes possible for all, in the long term. We offer different formulas depending on the partner sites (with or without fees, electricity from $0.026 to $0.055)

Business model

calculate at any time your current btc production



Exceptionnal electricity price

Green energy

All a favorable environment

Kazakhstan offers very cheap electricity, offering you unrivalled net production. With most of the world’s mining cost ing higher than ours, a possible fall in prices will only bring down hashrate to our advantage.

The main operating site is on the outskirts of a dam in Almaty. This location makes it possible to exploit the hydroelectric power of the latter, for a 100% green mining. This site has a capacity of 45MW. The operator is Hashlabs. In the last two years, other local partnerships have been established, other regions are now hosting equipment from our customers, allowing us to offer you more often opportunities to purchase equipment (until then, our sales were only open months in the year). These sites may have a different business model (all included in the price of electricity), consult us.



Weather, logistics, local politics favorable to cryptocurrencies, it’s all the environment that is favorable to receive our industry. We settle in Almaty in the long term, the operating conditions allows us to apprehend a sustainable exploitation.








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Sébastien Gouspillou

Co-founder, CEO

Jean-François Augusti

Co-founder, CTO

Robert Corby

Consultant, Associate

Thibaut Spanier

Technical Manager

Matthis Allanic

Marketing & Communication



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