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Order your Bitmain miners to our facility

Minimum 3 units

Guaranteed materiel

Get a priority for life in our datacenter

A firmware is installed on your S9


Host your machines in our Kazakh datacenter

We take care of the logistics

Become a “French-pool” actor

Electricity price : €0.026/kWh

Receive your crypto income on your wallet

Business model

Calculate at any time your current BTC production (for 1 machine) :

Our datacenters

Almaty (Kazakhstan)

We are associated with HASHLABS Kazakhstan, whose operating site is located on the main dam of Almaty. We currently operate a first mobile unit “BBBbox140” (140 S9 in autonomous container). We enjoy a climate and a price of exceptional kWh, 11.5 KZT (Tenge Kazakh ; +- 0.026 EUR). In view of the current market and the opportunities offered by Kazakhstan, this site is our main axis of development for years to come.

Irkutsk (Russia)

We signed a partnership with Baikal Mining, which has a farm with 8 MW of potential. This site receives all material from the ASICS collection that we operate in Europe, to allow miners who wish to improve the working conditions and the profitability of their machines to benefit from the Siberian climate and the kWh at 5.5 cts. from $. We also offer the possibility of installing new equipment on this site, consult us.

Nantes (France)

We are currently installed on the ex-Alcatel industrial site (Nantes, 44); It is an experimental site, a test laboratory for French mining, intended to introduce this new industry to economic and social actors so that France qualifies in this global competition.

Odessa (Ukraine)

We operate a “BBBox200” unit in Odessa, in partnership with Coinworks Ukraine. No planned development on Ukraine where the kW is in an increasing phase continue.

Our team

Sébastien Gouspillou

Co-founder, CEO

Jean-François Augusti

Co-founder, CTO

Robert Corby

Consultant, Associate

Thibaut Spanier

Technical Manager

Matthis Allanic

Marketing, Communication



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