Exceptionnal electricity price

Green energy

All a favorable environment

In Kazakhstan we have the cheapest electricity on the market: €0.026/ kWh, giving you a return on investment that you will not find anywhere else. Even with the increase in the difficulty of mining we will continue to generate profit. In addition, the more our farm will grow, the lower the cost of our electricity will be.

Our operating site is on the edge of the Almaty Dam. This location allows us to exploit the hydroelectric power of this one. Usef for mining, this electricity is 100% green. In addition, on-site processors provide us with up to 45 MW of capacity.



Weather, logistics, local politics favorable to cryptocurrencies, it’s all the environment that is favorable to receive our industry. We settle in Almaty in the long term, the operating conditions allows us to apprehend a sustainable exploitation.








 sébastien gouspillou on our almaty ground