beyond the purchase of your miners, bigblock offers you a long-term relationship : you have priority to reuse the locations of your machines when they reach their end of life.

calculate at any time your current btc production


antminer S17 – 56 THS


Host your miners in our Kazakh farm and mine at €0.026/kWh

• We take care of all the logistic

• Receive directly your production on your wallet every months

Contact us

We offer different hosting solutions to minors, depending on their power of Hash. Contact us via the medium you prefer: Mail, Telegram, Social Networks, Contact Form. We will answer you as soon as possible and determine with you the most suitable solution.

Send us your material

We will help you with the shipping methods to better preserve your equipment. Transport costs and customs clearance are your responsibility.

Direction : Kazakhstan

The shipping methods depend on the number of machines to be shipped and their country of origin.


“bigblock bonsulting” relies on the unique experience of bigblock datacenter, the only blockchain computational company in brance that operates internationally. “mining” is bigblock’s primary business and is a technical and practical activity : we maintain blockchains, use daily tokens and we host nodes. we’re the mechanics of the blockchains.


“BigBlock Consulting” proposes different modules to companies, depending on their projects:

  • Inform managers/employees on blockchains/cryptocurrencies
  • Accept settlements in cryptocurrencies
  • Use cryptocurrencies for international funds transfers
  • Using a Blockchain for their activity
  • Launch an ICO

Our trainings and developments, which are carried out by our team or by partner firms, allow SMEs as well as large companies to open up to the Blockchain revolution and understand the expected impacts in their businesses.



“Bigblock Consulting” helps you to penetrate the demading world of cryptoactives. Whether you want :

  • “BigBlock Consulting” helps you to penetrate the demanding world of cryptoactives. Whether you want:
  • Buy Money Tokens (bitcoin, ether, Litecoin, etc.)
  • Participate in an ICO
  • Mine

BigBlock will be able to accompany you and secure your entry into the “new world” full of pitfalls.