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Pre-order offers

200 units remain available on the first batch. Power supplies are included in the offers.

The ordered S9 will be equipped with a firmware increasing the computing power of each miner to 16 th/s instead of the standard +/- 14 Th/s, without consuming more electricity.

Your S9 are sent to Kazakhstan, in association with the company Hashlabs. Starting April 2019.
kWh €0.026

Beyond the purchase of your S9, Bigblock offers you a long-term relationship: you are a priority to reuse the locations of your machines when they reach their end of life.

3 x Antminer S9 14TH/s

Pre-order : 1560€

10 x Antminer S9 14TH/s

Pre-order : 4990€




How does it works ? 


Contact us 

We offer different hosting solutions to minors, depending on their power of Hash. Contact us via the medium you prefer: Mail, Telegram, Social Networks, Contact Form. We will answer you as soon as possible and determine with you the most suitable solution.


Send your machines to us 

We will help you with the shipping methods to better preserve your equipment. Transport costs and customs clearance are your responsibility


We send them to Kazakhstan

The shipping modality depend on the number of machinesa and their country of origin. Contact us.



Business model

Calculate at any time your current BTC production (for 1 machine) :